May in Oklahoma

It’s been a wonderful Mother’s Day here in Lawton, OK! Carrie and I were treated to breakfast in bed, then spent a wonderful afternoon at LETRA lake on Fort Sill. Livvy gathered every kind of wildflower “for Mother’s Day” and...


Soggy Baseball

Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous and jump on free tickets to a Cardinals/Cubs game! It was a wet one, but we still had a great time!



Last night she went to bed as a 4 year old (top left pic). Tonight, she went to bed as a 5 year old (bottom left pic). I can’t tell a difference, but she said tonight as I was putting...


Cumpleaños Dorado

Successfully celebrated her golden birthday a couple of days early! Fun evening with friends and family and even a 30 minute power outage couldn’t get in the way of a great time being had by all.

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