Free Bird in a Tree

Yay for a day off of school! Olivia got to come to preschool with me today and she loves this tree outside of the school. Made for a fun pic!


Giant Foot Slide

Turned in our extra candy, had a blast with a good buddy sliding down a giant foot, and got the coolest balloon art ever!


Halloween Costume #3

Her main costume this year was Lulu from the Ladybug Girl books. 🐞 But she announced this afternoon that she was tired of wearing that costume (and had already done 3 events in it) and could she please be something...



Snacking, reading, owling, porching.


Halloween 2018

First of several Halloween events this evening. Love walking around downtown Kirkwood and ending up and Greentree Church’s festive event. (Side note, please enjoy the hilarity of how Olivia’s antenna droop as the night goes on…🤣)


Intensity Level

The kiddo next to Olivia in karate was just not feeling it tonight. 🤣 And he was definitely not sure what to think about Olivia’s intensity level. 🤣 🥋

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