Long Live Summer

Another fun-filled day! Had a blast at Rockin Jump this morning and then straight to the Zoo (because the pool is a silly idea when it’s super hot) for a couple of hours. Summer, I’ll miss you!


Summer at the Gardens

We spent a lot of Tuesday mornings at the Botanical Garden this summer with these sweet friends. Our last one today was a tad rainy, but still so fun! Can’t wait til we can do this again next summer, or...


So It Begins

Met Olivia’s sweet kindergarten teacher today and then bought her backpack and lunch box.


Trapping Nature

hese fun friends had a blast in the creek today! Lots of minnows and crawdads ended up in their buckets!


Farm of Grant

Going to Grant’s Farm in the afternoon is a Game Changer! Hardly anyone there! But even better than that was taking my SIL and niece there for the first time! So fun!


Summer Schedules

Oh, how I love summer! Really not wanting to face the reality that Olivia will start kindergarten in less than a month!

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