Li’l Bookworm

She did it! Six months of diligently marking each book she read. (SLCL’s 1000 books before Kindergarten)


Stop It

These two loved this little stop sign and each other today.


World Eagle Day II

A highlight of World Eagle Day was giving a donation to a white-necked raven at the end of the eagle show. And of course we drove through Lone Elk Park and saw a ‘lone elk’!


World Eagle Day I

It was World Eagle Day at the World Bird Sanctuary today, but Olivia’s favorite bird of prey was this little owl. “He’s sooooo cuuuute!”


Happy Cry Emojis

“What do you want do to after dinner?” “Go outside and draw emojis with chalk!”


Day Tripping

Fabulous little day trip to catch up on life with a sweet, sweet friend, her precious girls, and her hilarious dog. Did my heart good.

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