Zoo Goer

Decided to head to the zoo this morning! Got splashed by some exuberant penguins, but other than that, a great trip as always! And the turtle park is always a draw, as is a field of dandelions.


Exact Change Only

Someone wasn’t too pleased to encounter the new Gov. William J. LePetomane Thruway toll booth with no dimes.


Crafty Goodness

We couldn’t attend Easter festivities today, but we tried to make the most of things by being crafty with good old egg dying and rock painting.


Li’l Sicky

She’s felt puny for the last 24 hours, so this was the only outside activity we could muster today.


Stir Crazy

Who knew making popcorn could be so hilarious? * This is a Video *


Wearing Shade

‘Why is there a napkin on your head?’ ‘Because I needed some shade.’

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