First and Last Day: Kindergarten

Last day of Kindergarten! When I told her this morning to go pick out an outfit, I emphasized that it was the last day of school so she came out with this heart shirt and said, “How about this one,...


Branson Celebration

These cousins got to spend some quality time together this past weekend in Branson as we celebrated their grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Clearly, they had a great time!


Six Is A Serious Number

Celebrated this SIX year old yesterday! She had an emojii/Hatchimal themed party with sweet friends on a gorgeous day. She is not a fan of getting older these days (she says that you’re only cute when you’re little) and was...


Locker Fun

Repeatedly opening the pick up locker at Home Depot is good entertainment. Certainly provides more consistent pay off than checking pay phones for change like I used to do.


Level Up : Purple Edition

Olivia doesn’t like to demo her karate skills outside of class. So here’s a video of this little but fierce, now purple belt (kid-friendly), showing some of what she’s learned. * This is a Video *

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