Final Dance Class

Three years, totaling four sessions, of dance class with Miss Hannah ended today. Olivia loved every minute! Thanks so much, Hannah! Too bad you have to graduate and find a real job now!


50 Cent Drinks

And it begins again! We didn’t get around to getting our first frozen drinks on Saturday, but thankfully, the Cards scored 6 again yesterday so we could enjoy our fist 50 cent drinks of the season today!


Special Nothing

I love getting away to visit family and friends and other places. But I also loved today. It was a day like Olivia and I used to have all the time when she was younger. No schedule, just jammies all...


The Best Kind of Ice Cream

Starting off Spring Break the right way! Free ice cream cone at Serendipity because today was “Ann(e)” day with their Name of the Day game! As you can see by her face, I let Olivia have most of it.


Forest Park Exploration

Yesterday we enjoyed our 3rd year of attending Art in Bloom at the St. Louis Art Museum! Such beautiful creativity! We then got a great workout playing on the rocks that are normally a fountain below the World’s Fair Pavilion...


Not Spring Yet

Well, if it’s here, I guess we’ll enjoy it! Sledding with sweet neighbors and trampoline snow fun!

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